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【发起 · 背景】

烧烫伤关爱公益基金的发起源于胡亚捷先生和孙便友医师曾共同救助一名因煤气爆炸烧伤70%的女孩,在救助过程中了解到中国每年因烧烫伤事故造成几百万伤者的 现状,多数烧伤者得不到很好的救治和后期康复,严重烧伤导致颜面损毁和肢体残疾使生活和工作面临偏见、排斥和挫折。伤者承受着生理和心理的双重生存压力, 难以应对转折后的人生。






中国社会福利基金会烧烫伤关爱公益基金是汇集了社会力量和爱心,以积极做好烧烫伤防治科普宣传教育、烧烫伤康复指导、医疗支持和心理支持为目标的公益组织。我们将积极推广烧烫伤预防及急救科普常识;帮扶烧烫伤贫困病患,努力维护烧伤者群体在医疗、生活、教育、就业等方面的平等权益;促进烧伤康复医学的发展。传递“温暖心 · 爱无痕”的cc国际新球网,以赤子之心,携援助之手,怀至诚善念,做到人人心中有公益,携手构建可持续发展的社会主流公益观!


Foundation Background

Burn Care Public Welfare Fund dates back to such a burn accident where Mr. Hu Yajie and Doctor Sun Bianyou made arduous efforts to rescue a young girl severely burned 70% of her body by gas explosion. This rescue experience warned Mr. Hu Yajie and Doctor Sun Bianyou of such a regrettable fact: Millions of people are severely injured by various burn accidents each year, and unfortunately most of them have no access to timely medical treatment and appropriate rehabilitation therapy in China. The injured, faced with various prejudice and frustration arising from facial scars or physical disability, not only have to suffer from great physiological and psychological stress, but also confront such an unimaginable turning point in their lifetime.

On September 22, 2014, Mr. Hu Yajie, the screen actor, and Doctor Sun Bianyou of Beijing Scar Rehabilitation, in association with the Parents Heart Welfare Fund of China Social Welfare Foundation, launched and sponsored the scar prevention and treatment public welfare fund committed to concern with physical and psychological rehabilitation of the burned, which had already been renamed as the “Burn Care Public Welfare Fund” in April 2016. At the same time, April 6 had also been recognized as the Burn Care Day.

Deeply influenced by the Burn Care Public Welfare Fund, several people have volunteered to launch and register China’s first non-profit private social organization --- The Scarless Burn Rehabilitation & Care Center with Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau in May of the same year. It, in association with Burn Care Public Welfare Fund, is committed to popularizing the burn prevention and treatment knowledge, assisting the injured in treating burn and restoring confidence, as well as calling for all the society to offer them more support and care.

Foundation Overview

Burn Care Public Welfare Fund of China Social Welfare Foundation, based on selfless love and social contributions, is committed to popularizing the burn prevention knowledge, how to provide the first aid treatment and rescue the injured, as well as how to offer appropriate rehabilitation services and psychological support; promoting further development of the burn rehabilitation medicine; safeguarding the equal rights and interests of the injured in terms of medical treatment, life, education and employment. We will make our own contributions in transferring the public welfare value of “caring the injured by warming their hearts”, offering the poverty-stricken injured necessary assistance, establishing a sound public welfare value in China.